Convenient, low cost waste clearance – Elephant Bags from Clear It! (Teesside) Ltd

Our latest innovation, the Elephant Bag can be used for all items that need to move from A to B rather than just for waste management i.e. transporting goods from collection to delivery points, and, vice versa such as festivals, fayre’s, all markets including Xmas etc.

Open your mind, and, think of what YOU can use the Elephant Bag for to move your goods from A to B.

Convenient, low cost waste clearance – Elephant Bags from Clear It! (Teesside) Ltd.

  • Fast rubbish / junk collection without the hassle and expense of skip hire.
  • Super strong Elephant Bags hold up to 1 tonne of waste.
  • Bags are posted or delivered flat-packed* (easy to store until needed).
  • Bag collections to suit, including same day option available.
  • No damage to your drive area from the Elephant Bags unlike the skips with no permit required.
**** Bags are posted flat-packed, similar to the size of a pizza box and expands to 90x90x90cm when in use ****
Elephant Bags were used for recycling of waste instead of hiring in large skips by Estonians M.C.C for their 10th Barnstormer Rally held on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2019 at Tunstall Riding Centre, Tunstall Lane, Nunthorpe, TS7 0NU.

The feedback from the organisers:

“ Shab Malik this system worked very well thanks for your support.”

The idea behind using the Elephant Bags was to recycle the waste environmentally friendly by segregating it into different commodities as much as possible & to reduce costs of hiring numerous skips as lot of the commodities can be re-used again such as carboard, plastic, glass, cans & metal. In many cases hiring in skips can be difficult logistically due to location of festivals along with costs involved.

If you are holding any festivals soon with costs, environment or logistics an issue then we would be happy to offer our assistance to you.

Elephant Bags are also designed for rubbish removal homes & business, so, why not ask if you we can assist you with your rubbish removal.

13 June 2020

The Elephant Bag was delivered on the same day as ordered. We then had some wet weather so we didn’t immediately fill it. We tackled our messy garage and had a really good sort out. The bag takes much more than it first looks. We managed to get lots of random and old bits and bobs in.

Totally recommend this service and will use again. Very professional service and staff.

Denise Storey, Middleton-On-Leven, Hutton Rudby

13 May 2020

Fantastic service. Shab was so friendly and caring, words of wisdom. Everyone needs a Shab in their life 🙂

Delivery of Elephant Bag was same day, and collection was so prompt and lovely guys. I was left in a muddle by a previous waste carrier and Shab helped me out in a “flash.” Would highly recommend & will be using again.

The best 🏅

Kirsty Chantrell, Stockton

20 April 2020

When you’re home a lot you notice how much stuff you need to get rid of but with lockdown and public waste sites closed it’s not easy to get rid of rubbish.

Enquired with Clear It-Teesside through their Facebook page, received a quick reply and the flat pack bag was delivered the same day.

Cleared loft, shed and garage, bag was strong and easy to move around even when full and holds more than you’d expect. Following advice from Clear It’s Facebook page, I checked their licence and that of the waste management company being used, this can be done online, so I know where my rubbish is going and that it will be disposed of responsibly.

Fast communication, bag collected as agreed, good value, social distancing measures observed and suitable PPE worn. Would definitely use again.

Connie Buckley, Ingleby Barwick

20 April 2020

We have just used the Elephant Bags for the very first time. This was something very different to the hiring of a skip which we would normally do when we have so much to dispose of.

As you can see in the photograph, our rear garden is surrounded by an old listed wall which over the years has become overgrown with Ivy and it had just taken over the garden and killed a great deal of trees and plants. When we moved in last year, this was a job we were absolutely dreading! The thought of climbing over an 8ft wall and going back and forth, up and down ladders with mounds of garden waste, then walking round to a skip on the drive was less than appealing.

Shab suggested the use of The Elephant Bags as they can be moved around very easily. They were brilliant…we were able to drop a bag over the wall, climb over and take it to the exact spot we needed it. The job we had been putting off had suddenly become so easy and before we knew it, we had filled two bags and the area was clear! Then, we just dragged the bags back to 2 the ladders and my husband and I lifted the bag over the wall. (It wasn’t too heavy as it was just garden waste/plants etc.)


As it was so quick , we still had some energy left to do some work in our garden too. Something that again was so much easier using the Elephant Bags as we were able to move them around with us rather than walking back and forth to a skip.

Then, when the job was finished, we were then able to store the bags neatly at the side of the house ready for collection. Which might I add were collected promptly by polite and professional staff.

I would 100% recommended the use of the Elephant Bags for both internal and external use. They come flat, so can be stored away neatly until you need to use them.

We will definitely be using them again!

Thanks to Shab and Clear It! (Teesside) Ltd, they are truly a brilliant idea!


Sarah & Richard Ferguson, Middlesbrough

31 July 2019

Just had my Elephant Bag collected from Shab Malik of Clear It ! (Teesside Ltd) and I can’t speak highly enough of not only the service but of the concept in general.

Over the years, we have accumulated all sorts of junk that has ended up getting stuffed in drawers and cupboards and then moved from place to place whenever we’ve had a general tidy of the house. Neither of us have time to do a full house clean in one quick go but our home was getting to be a bit of a depressing place to spend time in with all the unnecessary clutter.

We had considered getting a skip and slowly tackling the house over a week but with it being the summer holidays and the neighbourhood kids playing outside all day long, we were concerned that our belongings would be emptied out of a skip each night and thrown about the street as we have seen on other occasions with our neighbours.

That’s when Steve remembered about Shab‘s Elephant Bags which are as big as a skip but made of a woven fabric which meant we could position the bag in our hallway (still with enough space to get around it and out the door when needed) but it meant we could spend our time decluttering our home and knowing that our rubbish wasn’t being strewn around the street at night. We filled it, gradually, over a week which was so much easier than if it had been a solid skip outside. Can you imagine all of those times I’d have had to traipse myself outside and back in again, putting shoes on and off each time? It was tiring work with how we did it but I would have been knackered and probably would have given up half way through if I had needed to go outside with each trip to the ‘skip’. When we were done, we called Shab and asked him to come and collect it the next afternoon. We were able to easily pull it through our doorway and onto the driveway for collection which was prompt.

I’m not usually the kind of person to give too much thought to waste disposal and clearing my home but this is more about how I now feel in my home – knowing it’s free of all the crap that was getting me down, that it was done in my own time (I didn’t have to take any time off work to get it done quickly) and I just feel like a weight has been lifted. Added bonus is that as I glance out my living room window, I can see some neighbourhood kids are flinging around some “exciting” piece of rubbish from the skip that’s been sat outside a neighbour’s house for weeks and that none of my crap is currently blowing about in the wind out there.

Stacie Kilcullen from Norton

23 June 2019 held at Nunthorpe

Clear It took away 860 kilo of waste from our rally. Very effective service.

We normally hire a skip for the weekend but decided to give Shab and his team a try. Wow what a difference compliments flying in from all sides added to the enjoyment of the event. The site was cleaned by the party goers as the weekend progressed, so less for us to do at the end. We highly recommend Clear It-Teesside Ltd.

John Faloona - Vice Chairman Estonians Motorcycle Club

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