Helpful Tips

Helpful tips & checks to carry out to avoid your waste being fly tipped & ending up with a minimum of £400.00 fine along with all the interviews from local council & court appearance etc:

1: Check out the company you intend to use has a valid up to date & upper tier waste carriers’ licence & insurance to remove your waste – any issues on the waste carriers licence then check on:

2: Get quotes in person, so, that you know the company you are dealing with rather than over the telephone, email, or social media.

3: Please do your checks as per point 1 in person (if they have no upper tier licence or insurances, then please be careful as it is against the law to employ anybody that does not have valid upper tier waste carriers’ licence as they are NOT able to use the paid for recycling centres, while, commercial business are NOT able to use council run recycling centres). If you suspect anything untoward then either do not use them, or, ask for a copy waste consignment note with ALL sections completed to cover yourself just in case your waste is fly tipped. We suggest paying by BACS, however, if not possible then get a receipt to cover yourself.

4: Recycling of waste is NOT cheap, so, please be careful before parting with your waste, or, money by just doing the deal via telephone, email or social media where someone quotes you a cheap price – check them out in person along with as per point 1 to cover yourself.

5: Mattresses, sofas, fridge freezers, TV’s / monitors, paints, tyres along with anything that needs stripping down, or, anything that contains chemicals, or, deemed hazardous are expensive to recycle, so, please be careful if anybody offers you cheap removal prices (these are type of items that you normally see fly tipped all over our towns, cities & down the country lanes by unlicensed companies & criminal element).

6: If your waste is fly tipped & you have failed to carry out the checks as per point 1, then you WILL be liable for the £400.00 fine as a minimum if the waste is tracked back to you.

Clear It! (Teesside) Ltd are ANTI fly tipping due to the impact on human health, the environment & wildlife, plus, it costs the local authorities well over £1m per week in England alone to clear up this mess with whopping over £60 million spent with over 1 million incidents per annum (this does not include the eye watering costs that the local businesses, farmers & landowners have to pay out to clear up after the rogue & criminal operators…we estimate that is minimum £25m per annum).

We hope these tips save your waste being fly-tipped & any fines after the event….if in doubt at all then keeping looking until you find the company that meets all of your criteria that will recycle your waste in the correct manner at an affordable price & NOT at a cheap price.

Do not be part of the problem, but instead be part of the solution to protect human health, the environment & wildlife by doing your checks to avoid your money & waste going to rogue & criminal operators.

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